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Special Forces Sniper Team
Special Forces clear a house in Fallujah
US Navy SEALS in Vietnam

Schmeisser MP40 Machine Pistol

=SF=  Special Forces Clan is a Medal of Honor Spearhead online gaming clan.


We started the =SF= Special Forces clan in March 2007,  we now have 7  members and would like to make the Clan a little bigger.

Three of us have been in other Medal of Honor clans, so collectively we have a lot of experience not only playing the game, but in setting up and running servers. We enjoy playing Spearhead because it is fun, as a clan we are about having fun and a laugh. 


We want our server to be a happy place, where people have fun. But please remember MOH Spearhead is played by people of all ages, so please do not swear at other players, choose offensive names and say sorry if you team kill. We know from experience that these simple rules make for a fun time.


To keep everything fair our server is scanned by Foresight 1.6 which looks for cheats, illegal skins, hacks and deliberate team killers


The server is normally set up for Free For All games, but we do sometimes run Team Death Match with Friendly Fire On for a day.

Free for All is normally the most popular game type, so this why we run it.


Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) from World War 2

We have put a lot of effort in to our server weapons file, so the weapons perform more like they did in real life. The ammunition and grenade loads are the same as the Allied soldiers landed on D Day with. The only weapon not available on the server is the rocket launcher.


To find out more about our weapons file click here.

Other clans claim to have mods to make the whole experience more realistic, well they do have the basic version of the mod. We know because we developed it when we were members of that clan. Only we have the latest realism mod, including now shotguns. Shotguns are limited to the equivalent of 40 metres, so you need guts and timing to play with a shotgun.


Choose your weapon carefully, a Tommy Gun is great in Southern France and Stalingrad, but you will not hit players at longer ranges like Destroyed Village.


Enjoy our server and HAVE FUN!



We are currently moving to a new game server which will be on line before May 1st 2009. Apologies to all the players that play on the Special Forces Clan Server. We will be back.


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