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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I play Medal of Honor on the =SF= Clan Server?

A: You need to have the following software:

  • EA Games Medal of Honor Allied Assault installed
  • EA Games Spearhead Medal of Honor Expansion pack

Q: Can I still play using the Breakthrough Expansion pack?

A: Yes you can use either Spearhead or Breakthrough

Q: A lot of people cheat how do I know that the =SF= Clan server is a fair and fun place?

A: We run Foresight 1.6 on a separate computer that continually scans the server and players to look for cheats, illegal skins, wall hacks. Foresight will automatically kick anyone cheating off the server and then ban them from our server forever. We can also kick and ban people who swear and accuse others of cheating. We want to keep the server a fun place

Q: What type of game is the server set up for?

A: Normally Free For All as we have found this to be the most popular game type as there is no problem with Team Killing. Team Death Match is boring with Friendly Fire off, though you may sometimes find the server set up for Team Death Match and Friendly Fire on

Q: Do I have to pay to play on the =SF= Clan Server?

A: No. The Server is paid for the by the clan members, it's free to visitors.

Q: Can I join the =SF= Special Forces Clan?

A: If you are over 18 and speak English we would like to hear from you. Tell us a bit about yourself and we will get back to you

Q: When I play unless I choose to be German I never get high kill scores

A: The way that EA Games set up the guns gives an unreal bias to German weapons, if this were true then the Germans would have won World War 2! Our weapons file has been set up to replicate the real world, and using sophisticated ballistic software the real world performance has been transferred to the MOH world. The outstanding service rifle of WW2 was the US Garand M1, you will find this to be true on the server

Q: I do really well on short range maps like Stalingrad but get low scores on long range maps

A: There is no such thing as a universal gun. If you use a tommy gun in Stalingrad you will probably get a good score as you are fighting at short range with a short range weapon. Using a tommy gun in Destroyed Village where there is much more open space will put you at a serious disadvantage when some has a rifle or sniper rifle. The best thing is to use the gun that suits the current map you are playing

Q: It is worth downloading the mod files from the web site?

A: They don't give you an advantage, they just make the game a bit different and more colourful

Q: Can visitors use the Teamspeak server?

A: Not anymore. We had too many problems with noobs and idiots using the Teamspeak server when they were playing on other game servers. Teamspeak is for clan members only now.


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