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US M1C and M1D Garand Sniper Rifles

On every Medal of Honor server is a weapons file. This controls how the weapons fire, how much ammunition you get and how the bullets behave in the Medal Of Honor world. The original weapons file that came with Spearhead was fairly useless unless you used Axis guns, and then no one could beat the STG44! The have been several other weapons files produced for servers, these improved on the original file, but again the Axis guns were unbeatable. If this had really been the case, the Germans would have won WWII.


We are lucky enough to have a clan member who designed ammunition and is a firearms expert. Using his knowledge of guns, a lot of books and some spreadsheets, we produced a new weapons file.


Our server weapons file works like this:


The most powerful weapons the soldiers carried were the rifles: M1 Garand, Mauser K98, Lee Enfield, Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)

next in class of its own the German STG44

Then sub machine guns: Thompson, Sten and MP40

Finally pistols and shotguns


Each of these weapons has an effective range, the distance is controlled by the power of the cartridge. 

The most powerful cartridge for hand held weapons was the US 30-06 Springfield, with the German Mauser 7.92x57 and British .303" very close behind. Sniper versions of US and British rifles scored hits at over 1Km. In the hands of the average infantry man these rifles could score hits at 600 metres+


The rifles and the BAR are the most effective weapons for distance.

The STG44 is/was unique, its maximum effective range is 300 metres

Sub machine guns fire the same cartridges as pistols, but have a greater effective range as they have longer barrels. 

Typically 100 - 150 metres.

Pistols are around 50 metres, military shotgun loads of the time, about 40 metres.


Rockets, bazookas and rifle grenades are not available on our server.


The rate of fire for automatic weapons has been set to its real life figure, yes the BAR is actually an automatic weapon!!!



Suggested Weapon

Destroyed Village, Omaha Beach, Crossroads Sniper Rifle, Rifle, BAR,STG44
Stalingrad, Southern France,Bazaar, Banhof, Untersite SMG, BAR, STG44, Shotgun
Algiers, Brest Automatic Weapons have the edge


If you are really brave then use the shotgun, up very close and personal its awesome, but as the distance increases so it becomes less effective very quickly.. Latest update has shotgun firing all tracers, range is less than pistols, but up close and very personal it will "blow your enemy away"


Each firearm has it strengths and weaknesses, there is no such thing as an all round super gun. 


Each side in the war produced some really good firearms whose designs are still used today, they also produced some real turkeys, the Germans the K98 rifle, the British their Sten gun and the US the M1 Carbine (not in Medal Of Honor). Each of these weapons was obsolete or badly made or under powered, or a combination. 

The best weapons were US M1 Garand Rifle, Germany STG44 and the Britsih Bren gun (not in Medal Of Honor)


So if you find yourself playing for the Axis with a K98 rifle and you come up against an Allied player with an M1 Garand, and you get hammered; Be happy you will respawn, those who did it for real did not.


Have FUN




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