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Home - Information about the =SF= Special Forces Clan


Join Us - Tell us a bit about yourself and we will get back to you


Weapons File - Our custom server weapons file that brings more realism to the game

  • Find out why rifles are best for long range and accurate shooting

  • Which Spearhead maps machine guns are better for

  • Feeling brave and fancy trying combat with a shotgun

  • Get idea of what it was like for a German soldier with a bolt action rifle who faced a US soldier with an M1

  • All weapons performance is based on the real life guns scaled down for the Spearhead world

WWII Photos - See what it was like for people not playing a game

  • See how effective German sniper camouflage was in World War 2

  • German snipers on the eastern front in summer and winter

  • Waffen SS snipers in action after D Day

  • US soldiers fighting in cold and misery of the Ardennes and Hurtgen forest winter 1944/45

  • Long Range Desert Group and SAS in the Western Desert 1941/42. The first and still the best Special Forces

Downloads - Mod files that change the visual appearance of the game but dont give you an advantage

  • Change the colour of tracer bullets - choice of Red, Green, Blue or Gold

  • Change the appearance of weapons to modern weapons

  • Red dot sight to replace MOH crosshair

  • Smoke grenade smoke appears in colours of UK, German or Russian flags

  • Download the Teamspeak client so you can talk and play

Special Forces - A brief history of the Special Forces in World War 2

  • Long Range Desert Group and the SAS

  • German Paratroopers

  • Short Lived Special Forces Units of World War 2

Duty Roster - Meet the clan - faces have been blanked for security reasons LOL

  • He's not really a Satanist but don't let the goat know!


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