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Here are some photos of American, British and German soldiers during the war.


German Snipers

German Sniper captured by British soldiers German Sniper captured by British soldiers is led away


These pictures show the value of good camo. Here two British soldiers have captured a Waffen SS sniper in Normandy in July 1944. In the first picture the red arrow points to the sniper. It is really a man, not part of the building!

In the second picture the sniper can clearly be seen being taken away. Snipers have never been popular with their enemy, captured snipers are rare in any war. You can only wonder what this man's fate would have been had the camera not been there to record his capture.


German Sniper on the eastern front German Sniper is snow camo on the eastern front

Two views of  German snipers on the Eastern Front during 1943


Waffen SS Sniper Team 1944

Waffen SS Sniper Team France 1944, both the sniper and his spotter are wearing disruptive camo jackets and head gear. The spotter is armed with MP40 machine pistol to provide close range firepower.


American Forces


US soldier reloads his M1 Garand  during heavy fighting 2 US soldiers reload during the Battlle of the Bulge


The Battle of the Bulge in December1944/January 1945 saw bitter and bloody fighting in a freezing snow covered landscape. Here a  US Soldier is reloading his M1 Garand rifle during the Battle of the Bulge. The fighting was up close and personal as can be seen from the bodies of German soldiers in front of his position. In the picture on the right two US soldiers are reloading their M1's during the closing stages of the battle.


US soldier hunting snipers France 1944

US soldier with his M1 Garand keeps watch during the advanced through France in 1944



Winter in the Ardennes 1944 US Sniper with M1C Summer 1944

Two extremes of weather in 1944: the soldier on the left crouches in a fox hole with a wood burning stove during the fighting in the Hurtgen Forest, the sniper on the right is dressed for summer.

Two of the Original British Special Forces Units of World War 2


LRDG Western Desert 1942 SAS 1942 The Best Special Force in the world bar none


These two pictures capture the original essence and spirit of the Special Forces unit, comfortable dress, individual style statements, armed to the teeth and motivated as hell. On the left the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) looking like a mix of desert tribesman and hippies prepare to give the Africa Korps a bad day. On the right a SAS soldier with the awesome firepower of the .50cal Browning machine gun gets ready to open fire.


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